BlueBox 1.6

Creates and modifies Akai MPC1000 applications
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Gary DeReese

Develop programs for the Akai MPC1000 and edit their functions and code in the dedicated suite. It runs standard tasks automatically with set parameters to facilitate the project development cycle. Optimization options are available along with data customization.

BlueBox was developed to facilitate creating and editing programs for the Akai MPC1000. This solution automates some of the tedious tasks involved with creating programs using the MPC itself. Some of these tasks encountered were:
- setting the same mute group on more than one pad (ex: for hi-hat samples)
- giving all pads the same envelope settings when creating multisample programs
- assigning samples to a range of consecutive pads, then setting tune and MIDI trigger note for each one for multisample instrument programs
BlueBox implements faster ways to take care of such tasks, which will cut down the time required to get a program setup from scratch. BlueBox will increases your productivity by making PGM editing as smooth as can be, and will gets you back to pad-poundin' nirvana in no time!
Main features:
- l-ad existing MPC1000 PGM files
- save edited PGM file and all ass-ciated samples t- -ne l-cati-n
- imp-rt keygr-ups/z-nes fr-m AKP-f-rmat pr-grams int- PGM (als- w-rks with Recycle AKPs)
- l-ad single samples using built-in sample br-wser -r drag/dr-p -ne -r m-re samples fr-m Wind-ws expl-rer wind-ws
- edit any pr-gram setting
- pad/layer settings (layer samples, tune, v-lume, play m-de, MIDI trigger, etc)
- pad mixer (v-lume, pan, -utput, effect setting and send level)
- amp envel-pe
- filters
- Q-Link sliders
- c-py entire pads and layers and sliders in -ne step
- c-py individual pad, layer, mixer, envel-pe, and filter settings t- any number and c-mbinati-n -f pads in -ne step
- playback samples in layers
- assign a sample t- a range -f pads (tune and MIDI trigger are aut-matically adjusted)

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